Gimme a break – A short interview with Boris Groh


The ukrainian illustrator, concept artist and painter Boris Groh always follows his own creative flow. For 4 years now he has been creating eerie, melancholic and thought-provoking scenarios that leave no one untouched who has a penchant for morbidly stylish depictions.  


He designs record covers, merchandising products and also offers his works for sale to interested enthusiasts. Igor is a great admirer of his art and was therefore especially happy to be able to invite the likeable young illustrator for an interview.


MMM: Boris, thanks for your time for us today. Let us start with a very important an emotional question: your first visit at a Movie-Theater. Tell us about it. What did you watch, what did you feel?


BG: As I remember it was Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. I was really impressed by the movie, big screen and loud sound system. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of horror movies/games if you think that because of my pictures. This may be surprising, but I prefer comedies. 


MMM: Please tell us the story of your career. How did it all start with your wonderful art?


BG: I always wanted to be an artist or somebody similar to this. I have finished art college but I didn't know what to do. So 4 years ago, after college I just started to draw what I really like, regardless of what others said.

And from some point I started to notice that people really like it.


MMM: Do you bring your own fears into your work and what would that be?


BG: I'm not sure about that. The main fear that I remember from childhood is Militsiya (Police). In my childhood my mother always scared me with  Police when I misbehaved.  But because of known reasons I have that fear even right now. So I'd say most of my drawings are just good tales for me.


MMM: Please tell us about the last moment when you really felt fear (movie, book, nightmare,…)


BG: Perhaps these were nightmares, but, unfortunately, I can't remember anything from my nightmares, only small obscure pieces, and sometimes fear.  But to be clear, nightmare it's a rare thing for me.


MMM: What are your favorite monsters of all time?


BG: I think it's godzilla, I like the silhouette so much. It's really recognizable.


MMM: Where do your creepy ideas come from? Who or what inspires you?


BG: Many things inspired me. Environment, nature, music, other artists, computer games, movies. I see many things and I can generate new ones because of this.  


MMM: Boris, where can we see all of your work?


BG: You can follow me in instagram @borisgroh or you can visit my artstation page


MMM: At the end of this little Q & A: what are you are working on now and would you be so kind to reveal some of your future projects for us?


BG: Right now I'm working on covers for Lost Symphony Chapter II. It's a new big progressive rock project from USA.  

I can't show the pictures before the release in september 2020, but you can check out  Chapter I, it has nine exclusive artworks created by me for this project!


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